Automotive Design Classes and Courses

Automotive design classes and courses teach individuals the entire procedure of designing the exterior and the interior of a car. There are different varieties of car design programs and courses available by way of several certificates, masters and bachelor’s degree programs. Individuals need to go through these programs in transportation, vehicle design and industrial and even in mechanical engineering. These programs have curriculums spanning introductory level subjects like car design and more specialized and advanced subjects depending on career goals of students. The advanced subjects or topics in this category include advanced mechanics and emission control.

Common Ideas Taught in Vehicle Design Courses

Some of the most common concepts that are taught in vehicle design courses include:

  • Manufacturing practices
  • Computer aided car design and engineering
  • History of vehicle industry
  • Materials technology
  • Electronics
  • Modeling for car design
  • Mechanics

The students have individual project requirements. A large proportion of the class time is generally spent on doing practical or hands-on work.  The programs or courses in car design might take anywhere from two to three semesters or four years to complete, depending on the type and scope of the degree pursued by a student.

Different Vehicle Design Courses

The History of Car Design

Understanding the history of car design is very important for the students in order to have a complete understanding of modern vehicle design and even the future of this field. The courses in vehicle history teach the students about the origin and the evolution of vehicle design. There are some special topics taught to the students and these include modifying cultural aesthetics, designing cars for different populations and purposes and the trends in modern car design. A good example of advanced design is the Pedders high performance suspension series which have been designed to be the ultimate solution for car owners in Australia.

3-D Modeling

This course is basically a prerequisite for undergoing various other design courses and programs. The 3-D modeling course is important for the students because it is a subject that is used quite frequently in this field. The course involves the transfer of 2-D images into 3-D images. The students are required to work with different materials. They also get to learn the major significance of a three dimensional representation. Topics included in this course are designing from varied perspectives and functional and clay modeling.

Computer-Aided Designing

These days almost all the advanced level car design programs involve computer-aided design. The course helps the students in learning the importance of making the effective use of digital design ideas when designing a car. Students gain great proficiency in varied car design software programs like Alias Sketchbook Pro, LightWave 3D and Rhino. The course involves a large number of varied projects that the students need to undertake. These include concept cars, car production and designing specialty. Car design programs in computer-assisted styling need the completion of basic design programs and even the car design history course.

Car Branding

Car branding courses help the students in learning the specific methods of distinguishing the design of a car for marketing and branding the car as their own. The students undergoing this course learn how several car manufacturers brand their cars and how the features of such brands make these brands memorable and remarkable.